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Her Tiger Eyes Chapter One

Updated: Sep 30, 2023

I never considered myself a lesbian. Looking back, it makes sense now. In my adolescence, I had plenty of guys chasing me around the streets of Detroit for my looks. I couldn’t avoid it. It was said that I inherited my mother’s coke bottle figure, her smooth mocha skin, and her luscious loose curls. At least, that is what my family tells me. I never met my mother.

It wasn’t difficult to remain single. I wasn’t going to lose my virginity to any person. It would take more than being flattered by a cheesy pickup line, some shiny trinket as a gift, or an attractive profile.

I didn’t care if it was popularity suicide to take my younger cousin Phil to my senior prom at Wayne Newcrest High School. I had suitors, but cleverly I maneuvered around each advancement without hurting their egos. Heck, I even went a step further for some and played matchmaker. I would have done anything to avoid making prom night awkward with the opposite sex. I’d preferred to attend prom with my best friend Tiffany Cox, but she wasn’t available to go as friends, so she decided to go with her boyfriend at that time. I can’t remember his name, and I bet Tiffany couldn’t either.

I never had a boyfriend in high school. Back then I blamed it on wanting to focus on my grades, I’d use any excuse to avoid being near boys. My father didn’t mind though, it meant he wouldn’t be surprised by an unforeseen pregnancy. Like I would get caught with a child as a teen. I saw the missed opportunities from friends and family members who ended up having a pregnancy in high school as a life lesson for myself. I just wasn’t ready for all of that, and what is love at 16? Juliet and Romeo’s love affair ended tragically, and I didn’t understand how anyone could declare they loved someone only after half a night. That was the first paper I got an A-minus on compared to my normal A plus achievements.

Tiffany on the other hand had several boyfriends before we graduated from Wayne. She was popular and I was only popular by association. The ostracize smart kid story wasn’t my experience because of her. I was band captain at Wayne and had never been bullied when earlier captains had been, because Tiffany made my reign cool. Because of our friendship I even inherited her baby sister, Sierra, as my own, which made my single childhood far from lonely. We had sleepovers every night, so it became normal for my father to prepare dinner for four instead of for two. I had sisterhood and my MIA sexuality didn’t faze me, because I had something even more special.

I graduated from Wayne, a virgin valedictorian with a four-year scholarship to Hudson college, a private school in the middle of Michigan where it snowed fourteen plus inches every winter. Tiffany made honor roll every other semester and was also accepted to Hudson where we both shared a dorm together. Tiffany made the cheer squad for the Hudson’s Wild Bats football team, and I made pianist for the orchestra. We found our respective interests, and kept each other involved, through Tiffany I met my first boyfriend.

I met Brandon McKnight, a 6’8, dark chocolate brother with muscles that bulged, a deep voice like Luther Vandross, and the star quarterback football player for the Wild Bats. Tiffany called him “All That” but wasn’t interested as she was “craving vanilla” and currently catching the eye of her first white boy.

With a push, “He’s all yours girlfriend.” Tiffany introduced us, and I found I liked the shimmer of desire in Brandon’s piercing eyes.

Brandon and I started as friends studying together, spending late nights in the library with pizza, caffeine, and unhealthy snacks to conquer that last paper, exam, or final. During our study sessions, Brandon always had a way of making me laugh and feel comfortable. It wasn’t until after we ended that I discovered he pursued me to keep his grades up to remain on the football team.

I found I liked our conversations the most, and that’s what I really mourned. We had intimate talks about life and our dreams. Brandon talked about being an orphan, and how never knowing his parents led him into a deep depression. How going from one abusive foster home to another caused him to contemplate suicide. His story brightened when he met Adam McKnight, his football coach in middle school, who pushed him to play on the team and later adopted him. Brandon went on to play football in high school, with talent scouts from various colleges offering him the world on a stick. Hudson College awarded him full tuition on the terms that he played for the Wild Bats.

Brandon had dreams to play professionally in the NFL after graduation. I’m sure by now he’s a star on some team. I never kept up with him after graduating from Hudson.

Secretly with Brandon I experienced my first crush. He asked me to be his girlfriend on the same night he won the championship game against Heckle Joan College, a team the Wild Bats had lost against for twenty years.

After a blissful year and a half of dating, I felt confident in Brandon to take the next step with entrusting him with both my heart and body. It took courage to step out of my comfort zone and initiate sharing myself completely with him. I was still a virgin, and most of the women I hung out with had already shacked up and didn’t mind giving me tips. There was only one person I’d take advice from, and she knew me well. Tiffany booked a spa day at her favorite salon. She was more excited than me as she revealed her plan to prepare me for womanhood. I was washed, waxed, plucked, filed, and curled. I even had hair removed in my most secret spot, something I had never done. Tiffany adorned me in a black baby doll lingerie gown and pumps we purchased during our trip to the mall. The proceeding celebratory moments with Tiffany leading to the loss of my virginity had truly been more amazing than in the moment it was lost.

As I waited in our hotel room for him to return with drinks after our date at an Italian restaurant, I slipped into my newly purchased lingerie, and I felt a little unsure of myself and wrong as I looked at my reflection in the mirror. Brandon entered with a champagne bottle and two glasses, his tie removed from his tailored suit, and a peak of his muscular body revealed from his ruffled unbuttoned white shirt. I recall desire registering in his dark chocolate eyes, and how it sprang forth loud, and clear between his legs, and boy was he big. I didn’t think I could handle him, but painfully I managed. I never climaxed with Brandon, not even when receiving cunnilingus, and his head game had been attentive. My body just never responded.

Since my breakup with Brandon nine years ago, I’ve obtained my B.A. in Music and my Ph.D. in Music Composition. I’ve toured my musical talent throughout Africa, South America, and Europe while abstaining from sex and dating. My abstinence was due in part to my choice to wait until I found the right man.

Over the years, I turned down a significant number of gentlemen callers spewing their favors and intentions. Something about a firm “No” made men in my life place marriage on the table just to have me. I could have settled down as some millionaire’s trophy wife, but love to me was more than money, sex, a social fad, or obligation, or just because I’m getting older, or as I like to believe, wiser. I vowed I would marry when I found someone earnestly in my corner, whom I felt committed to and had unconditional love for them. I never thought my sexuality would awaken with a woman’s touch.


I moved to Atlanta, Georgia with intentions of establishing a nightclub catered around live jazz orchestras. A club where great legends like Duke Ellington, Cab Calloway, Billie Holiday, Thelonious Monk, John Coltrane, and my mentor Nina Simone would have considered a rad place to jam.

As a protégé pianist, I respected classical music, but I honored jazz, rhythm & blues, and soul. If it wasn’t for one cruel exception, I could have lived in any of the great eras in American music if it hadn’t been for the racist terrorizing times in America. Unfortunately, a lot of raw, genius talent went unnoticed because of racism, and I hoped my club with be a place to give my community a place to be heard.

My vision was of poetry, comedy, live musical entertainment, dancing, and great food catered to giving stage to up and coming talents around the world. Today there is a need for original musical composition accompanied by expressive lyrics. For these reasons, I’ve set my eyes on opening up my nightclub to bring publicity to the underground artist in hopes of reviving the spirit of art.

I envisioned my club in the heart of Atlanta in a district prime for entertainment. But, since I was new to Atlanta, I sought out my bestie Tiffany Cox, who moved here to start her profession as a real estate agent after graduating from Hudson. Now Tiffany was an ambitious real estate broker, the best in Atlanta with her own firm Cox realtors. She would be the best person to help me with finding the precise prime location.

Tiff was shrewd, calculating, a detailed professional with a smooth sells person flair, and an artistic eye for architecture; go-figure she’d became a successful real estate broker.

Tiff convinced me to move to Atlanta to open my club. Since signing my lease on my home through her, she has been sending me prospective commercial lots for my nightclub.

Today we we’re meeting at our favorite Jamaican restaurant, A Taste of Marley. My mouth was watering for their famous rice and peas, plantain, a spicy meat patty, and curry goat. The waiter had taken our orders, and we were sipping our handmade coconut, mango, and guava cocktails.

Tiff opened her briefcase to pull out a leather binder, “One of these is bound to be a charmer. I know your preferences, so I tried to put them in order of your expectations, tell me what you think, and we can make arrangements to go visit them.” Tiffany smiled, handing me a portfolio of prospective lots for my nightclub.

I flipped through them, enthralled by how precise Tiff was, but then again, I should expect nothing less from Tiffany Cox. “I must say, Ms. Cox, you’ve done your homework. These are great. I love the varieties.”

“I knew you would approve. Just let me know when you’re ready to take a tour of the lots so I can make arrangements.” Tiff said, folding her hands. “Enough about business. How are you liking the social life in Atlanta?”

“Other than checking out my competitions in the entertainment industry, I haven’t had much time to meet any significant people outside of work.”

“You need to widen your social circle, girlfriend, and you use to be so popular in college, especially with the boys.” Tiff winked at me.

“I was only popular because of you. Tiffany I am okay with my single life.” I smiled.

“When was the last time you had sex other than masturbation?” Tiffany grilled me.

“Tiff!? Seriously, we’re in public space,” I looked at the patrons near by who smirked. I gave an awkward smile to a guy who winked at me. “Why are we discussing this when you’re suppose to be helping me locate my club location.” I hoped to change the subject as dating was still not something I aspired to start in my life, not when I was focused on my club.

“I’ve already pointed you in the right direction, I created a whole portfolio which you can review for yourself on your own time. Now back to the real concern, are you gay? If so it’s okay, as long as you get out of this dry spell you’re causing.”

I choked on my drink and wiped my mouth as I coughed. “No, I’m just not ready.”

“Because if you are. . . you know you can always talk to Sierra, she’s having problems staying single. She’s already in a new relationship with some girl she met on Finder. Hell, if you want to try it, I’m okay with exploring with you, we just can’t tell David, cause he’s my man, but anything to prevent you with being content with being alone. It’s not normal.”

“Tiff, you and me both know you stick with dick, and that would be incestuous we’re sisters and it would be hell of awkward. Where is this exploring possibility coming from you’ve never even mentioned being with women before.”

“Well, I tested the waters, and I found my sexuality is fluid. I just know that I will settle with a man because that’s what I want. But what do you want, Angel?”

“I don’t know. Right now, I just want this club and once it’s established maybe then I can worry about dating.”

“Knowing you, you’ll only use the excuse of running your business to avoid dating. Are you asexual, if you are, that’s okay too and I’ll accept that, but tell me the truth do you really see yourself okay with remining single?”

“I’m not asexual, I have a sexuality . . . I think I just haven’t discovered it, or rather I haven’t found the right person to share that side of me. Tiff this is so awkward the guy across from us is staring.” I said watching the muscular man in a black button-down shirt send signals with his eyes and lips.

“Don’t try avoiding the subject at hand. You haven’t dated anyone except for that unappreciative ass. You were the light in the room, always so outgoing. I wish you would start dating again. Is it self-confidence issues? What’s going on here?” Tiff said, placing her hand under her chin with concern etched on her beautiful face.

“My confidence isn’t the problem. I’m just not ready,” I laughed rubbing the back of my neck avoiding the eyes of the man across the room from me.

A waiter came with two drinks in his hands, “Compliments from the gentleman.” He said placing the drinks next to us and pointing to the guy who had been staring at me.

“Crap, see what you did. Please add these to my tab and thank the man for his offer.” I said, handing my empty glass to the waiter.

“Wait, let me check him out.” Tiff looked at the man and waved. “Just add the drinks to my tab and send the man a refill on whatever he’s drinking as thanks, with a polite no thank you.”

“As you request,” the waiter left taking our empty glasses.

“Why are you sending him a drink?” I asked stunned by her offer.

“Because he’s a creep and I don’t want him to approach us with questions about your rejection. Enough about that, I think I have the perfect solution for your abstinence.”

“I didn’t think it was a problem, but I’ll bite. What is it?”

“You didn’t answer the question. When was the last time you had sex?”

“You’re still on this? You already know the answer nine and a half years.”

“Oh ladybug, you win the trophy. You haven’t been in a relationship since Brandon. I’m worried about you. Do you still love him or something? You’ve been all work and no play since moving to Georgia. I don’t know how you accomplished touring the world without sampling the many flavors of men abroad. All work and no play, and I don’t want you to work yourself crazy. Maybe you need to talk to a therapist. I know African Americans are hesitant to talk to caucasian doctors, but it’s a new day, and there are now black therapists too.” Tiffany said, patting the back of my hand.

“I don’t need a therapist. I’m not crazy.”

“I didn’t say that you were, and going to a therapist doesn’t imply that you are. People need to talk about their individual situations because holding them inside doesn’t do anything, but fester and drive us crazy. So, if you need to talk to someone, do so. I have a therapist who is assisting me through my anxiety and stress caused by work. It’s nothing wrong with seeking therapy, ladybug.”

Was I not dating because of Brandon? I didn’t know and I didn’t feel like he was the reason, but remembering our relationship still stung.

We dated three out of four years while in college, and the only reason it ended was due to our sex life.

I could never get wet enough for Brandon during sex. I was embarrassed. When we tried to make love, I felt excited, but I physically did not show my excitement. I became as dry as the Sahara Desert. My body wouldn’t respond to Bradon’s, but to make him happy I forced myself to engage.

Brandon, at first, was understanding and cooperative. We both believed that it might have been a health issue, something Brandon claimed he could accept, and for a while, he did with the use of lubricant.

After seeking the aid of medical professionals and getting opinion after opinion, the results came back that I was healthy, and all systems were functioning.

Brandon began to wander.

Catching Brandon cheating hurt, but the knife plunged in my heart stung when Brandon twisted the knife of betrayal to the hilt and began publicizing my sexual inabilities.

I had become more famous than Silvé Moon, a girl who had mysteriously disappeared from campus years before I had entered Hudson College.

It was just downright heartbreaking, infuriating and embarrassing being taunted with names like “Drywall,” “Drought fish,” and “Dry hole” by Brandon’s team and classmates but it hurt knowing he had created some of those titles.

I still cringed at the knowing looks from student peers who knew my growing reputation before speaking with me.

After the unspoken breakup, I pushed through and vowed I wouldn’t have sex until I found the right person deserving of my love. I might have some trust issues, but I still didn’t see any reason for Tiffany to be concerned about my choice to be single. Since moving to Georgia this was the only conversation, I dreaded discussing with her.

“Angel, you need to get out. You’re too damn young for the granny panties, but that would insult my granny. Even she gets more than you do. Put on a sexy thong, better yet, scratch the panties altogether, and go out, be daring don’t be wasting your precious youth.” Tiffany interrupted my thoughts on Brandon.

“Tiff, I know you’re not giving me the advice to be a hoe, and I appreciate the concern. I’m focusing on myself and opening my club. If love should appear, I’m not running. In the meantime, it’s about my nightclub, not a relationship.”

“Said the soon-to-be spinster,” Tiff remarked.

“Don’t start.” I wagged my manicured finger. “How are you and David doing?” I sipped on my drink. I knew bringing up David would take Tiff’s mind off my lack of a love life.

Just like that, I watched as Tiff placed her glass down, and her eyes lit up at the thought of the man she had been dating for over four years.

“I think he’s going to propose. I found the ring, ladybug.” Tiffany giggled.

“What, Tiff, that’s great news. What are you going to say when David asks?”

“Yes! I am going on 31, and I’m so ready for a family, and I do love David. I think he would be a great father too. I hope he proposes on my birthday. I’m so happy, Angel.”

“I’m happy for you, Tiff. David is a great guy; he has a distinguished career as a lawyer. You two are going to be a power couple.”

“Now, don’t think you can change the subject, Missy.”

“As I said, I’m not running.” I threw my hands up.

“Okay, then I challenge you. Do you have any plans for this coming Saturday night? I know that’s a silly question because I know you don’t.”

“Tiff, not another blind date if that’s your plan. You promised you’d stop arranging dates for me with your coworkers. Besides, I was planning to check out the competition in the area for research.” I firmly said.

The waiter placed our orders on the table. Thanking him, I inhaled the aroma of curry goat and the mouth-watering jerk spices of my meal. Tiff had gone a step further and began sampling her plate of jerk chicken, rice & peas, & plantain.

“Angel, it’s not a date. One of my clients is having a housewarming party in the house I just sold her.”

“That’s terrific, but I have plans. So sad, maybe next time.” I said and stuffed my mouth full of curry.

“Yes, you’re joining me because you want to check out the mansion, I was telling you about.”

“That house that was worth 1.5 million?” I asked in awe, dropping my fork.

“That’s right, and the buyer paid half in cash,” Tiff whispered. “I’d never seen a briefcase full of money, except in movies. It was magnificent.” Tiff rubbed a tear from her eye.

“Are you serious? Who does that in these times? What do they do for a living?” I asked, momentarily forgetting my meal.

“Can you believe it, she’s a film director. Sis referred her to me. Sierra says she specializes in directing gay films. She started in Atlanta, and her work has gone worldwide.”

“Really, what’s her name? Maybe I’ve heard of her.”

“Nalani Arnold.”

“Nope. Doesn’t ring a bell.” I said, forking my curry goat into my rice and peas.

“Didn’t for me either. If it weren’t for Sierra, I wouldn’t have gotten my easiest and biggest sell. Nalani has even referred some of her friends to me and I’m talking powerful high ballers and they’re all women.”

“So how did Sierra meet her?” I asked.

“Remember that gig she got working as a cosmetologist on a movie set and we had to pick her up a few times because of her car troubles? Turns out it was for a movie Nalani Arnold was filming.”

“Wow, small world, count your blessings.”

“Are we intrigued enough to join?” Tiffany asked.

“Sure, it sounds like a fun night to bask in my friend’s successful sell. I didn’t have anything else planned, besides Fortflix and a bottle of merlot. And I really do want to see this mansion you’ve been raving about. I really want to see those gold faucets. What should I bring on twenty-dollar budget?”

“Just bring that merlot you were saving.”

“I’m glad Sierra is finding her way and being true to herself. But what are the chances of me meeting a straight man at this party?”

“It’s all part of my plan so you better come.” She warned pointing her finger at me and continued, “I love my little sis. I knew she was gay before she even knew. So, I’m going to support her no matter what. Its just our parents.”

“Their still making homophobic comments?”

“Their getting better, I’m working on reforming them. I just hate seeing that pain in my baby sister’s eyes. I will never treat my children like that. I love my family, but I’m stuck between a hard place and a rock. I just want them to get along for the sake of family. It’s been a long journey but there is still much progress to be made.”

“It’s sad that you have to be the voice of reason and bridge between your parents and Sierra. At least there is progress, and they answer the phone when she calls.” I tried to sound optimistic.

Tiffany’s parents had disowned Sierra after she came out as a lesbian. After kicking her out of the house, they stopped funding her through college and refused to answer her calls. It wasn’t until after Sierra put herself through cosmetology school and started making her own money did her parents end their estrangement. It had been a six-year estrangement between Sierra and her parents. I tried to help Tiffany and Sierra as much as I could, even if that meant providing Sierra with a warm place to crash, a good meal, and some extra cash. They were like family to me, and I wasn’t going to allow family to suffer.

“Thanks for helping Sierra, you know she’s still raving about you after you helped pay off part of her schooling.”

I gushed,” You know I’d do anything for her, you both are sisters. Plus, she’s offered to do my hair for free forever. I might take her up on another service, I’m in desperate need of a good shampoo massage and a new hairdo, these frizzy bundles have been out of hand in this Georgia humidity.”

“Well, you better call Sierra she’s known to be booked.”

On Saturday night, after seeing Sierra for a hair appointment, purchasing a fashionable designer purple gown with an evocative deep slit, with matching accessories and stilettos, and finally picking out the perfect top shelf merlot, I had arrived at the luxury four-story brick mansion, which was Nalani Arnold’s new home.

The mansion swarmed with party patrons, paparazzi and security guards. Camera flashes were the norm as I walked up the red carpet that led from the driveway to the two-story doorway. Music vibrating from inside the mansion competed with the flavors of surrounding conversations. Everyone was talking about Nalani Arnold, whether they gossiped about her, or her latest film, “Dance with Me”, or about the scandal with her love life, her choice of film artistry, or her mystic personality. Everyone was talking about Nalani Arnold, but Nalani was nowhere to be found.

“I bet she’s out of the country on some remote island.” One patron dressed in a flamboyant white suit with shimmering heels gossiped flipping his dreadlocks back.

“I heard Nalani’s dating a Princess from some foreign regime where homosexuality is punishable by death.” Another patron equally extravagantly dressed gossiped.

“No, I heard that she’s in Paris shooting a risqué film.” A queen with flawless red lips clothed in a fitting red ball gown corrected.

Whatever Nalani was doing it was obvious she was not here.

I handed my golden, wine enclosed present to the security team collecting gifts inside the mansion foyer. Following the crowd around the mansion, I was led into a massive dining hall with white marbled flooring and a high ceiling with windows that opened onto the garden and outdoor pools.

Waiters in rainbow-colored tuxedos and heels carried trays of champagne and Hors d’oeuvres. Several buffet tables held the wonders and gifts of talented chefs from cultures around the world. Shirtless bartenders of both sexes tended an oversized fully stock bar. A live DJ conquered the bodies of rainbow-colored patrons who danced, sipped, tapped, grooved, and laughed with a contagious euphoric ecstasy. Everything came to life in the dining room. Just when the room started spinning from all the excitement, I felt a familiar tap of my shoulder.

Without turning around, I greeted Tiffany, “You’re late. Isn’t this a show?”

“Atlanta’s traffic is bad enough, but getting to this mansion took work girl, so many cars. Look at this crowd. Now this is what I call a party. Some fine muscular hotties serving drinks and food, sucks none of them are straight.” Tiffany handed me a glass of champagne ogling a shirtless waiter who walked past carrying a tray of wine.

“The real irony is the party’s creator isn’t here.”

“I hear that’s normal. Toast to a fun night.” Tiffany smirked clinking her glass against mine.

Where’s David?” I asked, noticing he wasn’t attached to her hip like a devoted puppy.

“He’s working late again, but he was distressed that he couldn’t attend. He promised a surprise for my accomplishment upon my return though. That just gives me reason to leave before midnight.” She shimmed her shoulders in anticipation.

Tiffany and David made a good couple, but I could tell my friend wasn’t here to truly celebrate her achievement, but to network a new clientele. In a way, they both were working late. I smiled at the thought. It would be nice to have both a career and someone who was enthusiastic about their career and the relationship like Tiffany and David were.

“How can you spend an enormous amount of money planning a party at a mansion you spent millionaire money on to not attend your own housewarming?” I asked.

“Some rich people get their kicks just flashing their cash.” Tiffany dryly remarked.

There was a loud crash. The door to the dining rooming swung open to reveal a beautiful caramel skinned woman with short pixie curly hair dressed in a white halter gown and white 6’’inch heels. There was a look of hurt surging in a storm of rage in her dark almond eyes. She slammed into a couple of waiters trying to flee from a pursuing security team. The waiters managed to catch their tilting entrees and twirl around the intruding woman.

All music stopped; the room grew silent as attention turned to the woman.

The distressed woman shoved a lesbian couple and a paused waiter into the pursuing security entourage. The waiter lost control of his tray, the meatballs splattered and looked like blood on the dance floor, the couple tripped into the security team and the security guards stumbled and slipped on the mashed pasta briefly distracted by the chaos.

“I’m not leaving until I talk to Nalani!” She screamed, pushing past patrons who stood in her way as she fled to the outdoor garden. She ruined a few patrons’ outfits and their drinks as she continued in her madness.

In her rage the woman knocked over an ice sculpture seated on top of a fountain dispensing spiked blue punch. Ignoring the shattered swan, her heels cracked the swan’s long neck, the only intact piece of the once lovely carving. She made her way through the crowd of people gathered outside in the garden heading in the direction of the extravagantly enormous outdoor pool.

“Showtime. I want to get a closer look at this nutcase.” Tiffany enthusiastically said.

“You and everyone in this joint. I’m goo-” Grabbing my hand, Tiffany dragged me through what looked like a wreckage of a tornado’s aftermath.

I didn’t have time to protest as I fought to catch my breath and not to crash into anyone or step on fallen debris.

The woman had just made it to the outdoor pool looking confused like a deer expecting impact as a muscular woman dressed in a white suit slammed into her tackling her to the ground.

“You need to leave Jonet.” The stud yelled, as she struggled to restrain Jonet.

Jonet swung her fist, “Get the fuck off of me Tre, I’m not leaving until I talk to Nalani.”

Tre dodged Jonet’s fists as she swung with all her vigor, “Nalani doesn’t want to talk. It’s over. Let it go.” Tre tried to reason.

The two fought to conquer, but strengths matched prolonged the brawl. Tre gained the upper hand, imprisoning Jonet’s wrist as she tried to straddle her.

Jonet retaliated by digging her nails into Tre’s hands as she kicked at Tre’s legs. Tre lost her hold and Jonet took the advantage scratching at Tre’s face and clothes. Jonet kneed Tre until Tre encased Jonet’s legs with her own. Awkwardly they both pulled at each other’s hair trying to subdue the other.

I couldn’t help but think of these fighting women as fighting girls back on the streets in Detroit fighting over a boy who was playing both of them. I looked at Tiffany who had a smile on her face as she watched on laughing. “This is some crazy shit, and they say gay clubs are peaceful.”

“I hear they usually are, but this isn’t a club, it’s a housewarming party. So is Jonet Nalani’s ex?” I asked watching from the side with a crowd gathered next to Tiffany and me.

Tiffany was about to answer when the crowd around us answered.

“Oh, my fairy godqueen, Jonet has lost it. They totally broke up like months ago. She has totally lost her mind. I feel like I might cry for her. We’ve all been there.” A handsome man with a prickly haircut said fanning his flushing face. He was adorned in a tight jean suit and a pair of black heels with gold chains dangling on the sides.

“No, they were the couple and I’m also sad they’re over. I feel you honey, fight for your woman.” A stud cheered next to me as Jonet straddled Tre and clawed at her.

“This is like a sad day in gay history, Jonet was the leading role in my favorite show from Nalani. Jonet is totally like the best lesbian actress of our community today and she’s losing it.” A guy standing next to Tiffany gesticulated, his blond hair pulled into a messy but stylish ponytail bobbed rhythmically as he spoke.

“Sucks our star is having a nervous breakdown like Brittany.” Someone from behind us responded and the crowd laughed.

“Well, Jonet got some mad strength behind that petite frame of hers.” Tiffany said her eyes bulging as she watched the quarreling women rolled as Tre took the upper hand.

“Tre get the fuck off me, you bitch.” Jonet yelled yanking at Tre’s hair.

“No, you crazy cheatin’ whore, you don’t belong here. Go home.”

The two brawled on the ground as I noticed some people in the crowd had their phones to stream the fight.

Finally, two sturdy armed security guards pulled Jonet off Tre. But then Jonet turned on one guard, kneed him in his crotch, then stomped on the foot of the other and rammed into Tre.

Tre and Jonet tussled tumbling into the pool with a whale of a splash spraying everyone nearby with water.

I checked my clothing relieved that I hadn’t been drenched.

The two guards, having recovered from Jonet’s afflictions jumped into the pool and pulled a ferociously fighting Jonet from Tre.

“I want NALANI!” Jonet dejectedly screamed unable to free herself from the grips of the guards. Jonet’s white dress was soaked, torn, and ruined, she looked furious as she was dragged from the pool.

Tre climbed out of the pool, she tried to straighten her clothing, but as she fumbled to button her suit jacket, she cursed realizing her buttons were missing.

With annoyance she shrugged off her jacket, “You wacko, just get over Nalani. She doesn’t want you. Damn suit cost me 3gs. And I’m billing you for my outfit!”

“Fuck you and your wack ass suit, you fake ass stud.” Jonet yelled, forcefully kicking off one of her heels to fly towards Tre who easily dodged the assault.

“You deranged nutcase.” Tre responded. “Show some self respect and get your life together.”

Some people started clapping and others laughed. The crowd once quiet now revived with chatter as the unexpected entertainment came to a screeching end with Jonet’s final curse at Nalani and Tre as she was dragged off location. The music resumed and a few party attendees jumped into the pool.

A cute woman with dimples below her high cheekbones smiled at Tre handing her a fresh towel to dry.

Tre thanked her, dried her face and dreaded brown and gold hair.

“Now that’s what I call a show.” Tiffany said laughing.

“If you say so. That was a little too much for me. I wonder what Nalani did to make that woman so furious.” I said wishing I had a drink to calm me from the excitement.

“She’s heart broken. While I was showing Nalani this home, I asked her if she was looking to share this experience with her partner and Nalani seemed indifferent. Rumors say that Nalani has a reputation with women. I mean she must be one stimulating lover that woman tackled a whole team to no avail just to get to her and Nalani isn’t even here. Talk about a bad breakup.” Tiffany said.

“Dead on girlfriend, Nalani is a true player. The woman has charisma like nobody’s business. I’m not surprised Jonet got strung. I still want my turn and I will be the last Nalani ever has.” A beautiful thick woman with natural curls flowing to her shoulders sultrily replied.

She smiled at us, “Rumors also proclaim Nalani’s love to be extraordinary. I’d love a taste. I’m Elexus by the way, I hope you two straight girls have a great time.” She winked at us and arrogantly sashayed away not bothering to hear our returned introductions.

“What was that all about?” Tiffany, bewildered, watched Elexus as her gold gown billowed behind her.

“A rotten mess.” I laughed and Tiffany nudged my shoulder laughing.

“You got that right.” Tiff smirked.

“Well, all this tension has stirred my nerves. I’m going to grab another drink you care to join?” I pointed to the bar back inside of the dining hall.

Shaking her head, Tiffany signaled towards Tre, “I’m going to go be nosy. I need to get the scoop. I’ll catch up soon.”

Tiffany headed towards Tre with a welcoming smile on her face, her business card, and an outstretched hand. I watched for a moment as Tiffany conversed with Tre and then decided to explore the mansion after seeking a glass of champagne. After all, seeing the mansion was the only reason I agreed to come to this housewarming party.

Each door, sink, tub, and toilet handle gleamed with the richness of gold. The mansion exuded opulence, boasting numerous spacious rooms adorned with luxurious furniture and high-quality artwork. I couldn't help but feel like I was wandering through a royal temple as I passed by a row of statues dedicated to Bastet, an ancient Egyptian goddess. One particular attraction was an oversized painting portraying a tiger gracefully traversing a lush forest, bordered by the distant Giza pyramids beneath a night sky adorned with a full moon and constellations. This magnificent artwork adorned the wall above a gilded Bastet statue that shimmered under the brilliant ceiling lights. Intrigued by the statue, I ventured into the room and discovered it to be a library, with towering bookcases, leather-bound books, and an array of Egyptian-themed bookends, paintings, and statues.

From the window, I saw a secluded, beautiful garden illuminated with pale white lights. I found an exit and quickly escaped the crowd, seeking the solitude of the marvelous garden.

A brilliant array of flowers, including black-eyed Susans, roses, hydrangeas, marigolds, sunflowers, zinnias, and abundant other exquisite blossoms, filled the air with their intoxicating scents. Amidst this fragrant symphony, the sweet perfume of Southern Magnolia added their own delightful note. Beneath the row of Southern Magnolias was a single black love bench formed like the wings of a butterfly. It was a cool place to escape the summer’s heat and watch the fountain below the night’s full moon. I gazed at the sky and smiled at how similar the night looked compared to the painting in the library. I could see stars, which was a rare sight in the bright city of Atlanta.

I wandered farther through the dense garden and came upon a quaint reception house. I smiled, catching the glimpse of a glistening all-black grand piano with a lavish leather-matching stool. My fingers itched to feel the weight of its ivory keys. Opening the crystal double doors and heading straight for the piano, I scaled the keys finding the instrument in tune. I sank into the soft stool and began playing a piece from my own repertoire.

Engrossed in my music, I never noticed the presence of a pair of beautiful hazel eyes stalking me from afar. I never even heard the click of cream-colored booted stilettos against the hardwood floor. It was her firm yet mellow voice that awakened me.

“Good evening.”

Startled I stumbled as I stood from the piano. “Hi. I apologize my curiosity got the best of me. I saw the garden from the balcony and just had to see for myself. This is such a beautiful home the owner has chosen.” I awkwardly babbled on, startled by the dignified presence of the stranger before me.

“The owner? Are you not acquainted with her?” She chuckled, flicking my loose curls from shielding my eyes. My forehead sizzled long after her hand left.

I met her burning hazel eyes and watched as the gold devoured the green streaks in her irises.

“No, my best friend invited me to be her plus one. Tiff is the owner’s real estate broker. Tiffany bragged about how marvelous this home was, Nalani is sure to be one lucky gal.”

“Or one soon-to-be-broke gal.”

I laughed.” Tiff said she’s rich, it looks like it. Must be nice.”

“Are you impressed by money?”

“Not foolish enough to be impressed, but a woman who understands it takes money to have a comfortable life in this world and has done much to establish herself.”

“Smart woman. May I ask what you do for a living?” She pivoted on the heels of her boots as she circled around me. I got the feeling I was either being interrogated or stalked by a tiger as her hazel eyes focused on me.

“I’m a musician.” I stammered.

“So, do you sing as well as you play the piano?” She asked leaning against the frame of the piano. She crossed her legs, revealing the tips of her studded stiletto boots. She had a petite frame, but beneath her gaucho pants, I could see a hint of her muscular legs.

“No, I can’t carry a vocal tune, but I can play the piano, violin, flute, guitar, drums, saxophone, xylophone, & harp.”

“Wow, that’s really impressive.”

“I live for music, so much so that I bleed musical notes.”

“Really?” She softly laughed, the sound reminding me of a cat’s purr.

“Nope, but I can compose like a pro.”

“Beautiful and talented, was that a piece you wrote?”

“Well, yes, a song I composed some years ago.”

“Will you play for me? I would enjoy hearing its finish.”

“You don’t have to be kind I-”

She grabbed my hand and guided it back on the keys. “No, I need to hear its finish.” Her electrifying stroke against my hand emphasized her need. Arousal tingled, sending a foreign sensation through me. I shivered and obliged her request.

Picking up from my last note, I played, feeling her deviant fiery gaze drifting dangerously down my body. Part of me was annoyed, but another accepted her hunger as a compliment. I could not blame her for her appreciative gaze. I decided to let it slide. Her soft, warm hips grazed against mine as she took a seat. She was closer than normal, I could smell her natural crisp amber scent. Her closeness never bothered me. I exhaled, calmed by her presence.

In all honesty, I was attracted to her, the confidence she exuded meshed with her sexy aura of grace. She sat poised with her firm legs-crossed in a cream-colored long, wide-leg high-waist gaucho pants, ruffled cream blouse and a cream two tailed short sleeved suit jacket. Seven silver studs adorned her ears and a diamond stud glistened on the side of her nose. A matching silver chain hung around her slim neck with a silver tiger charm dangling in the valley of her full breast. Her mahogany brown hair was pressed straight and parted down the middle, falling below her breast.

She rested her head against my shoulder, my body instantly heated. Her soft, sweet breath tickled the side of my sensitive neck. My fingers never faltered from hitting the correct keys of my composed melody. In all my life everything felt right. Who is she? My question melted as her delicate warm, creme-colored, manicured fingers danced from the back of my hands, stroked up my elbow, around my arms, and massaged my shoulders.

I moaned. “What are you doing to me?”

“Nothing your body doesn’t want me to do.” She purred in my ear.

“I’m not a lesbian.”

A soft chuckle erupted from her. The gentle vibration prickled against my skin as she kissed my neck. “Are you sure?” Her question was followed by a kiss from my décolleté to my gown-covered nipple.

My peaks tighten beneath her demanding kiss. Unconsciously, my fingers missed the C cord and slammed on G.

Embarrassed by my arousal, feelings I wasn’t use to ignited my nerves, I jerked my hands away from the piano keys and clutched the sides of my thighs. My breathing was uneven as I met her strong gaze. Persuasive hazel eyes met mine and undid my soul as her observation took all of me in. The more I met those hazel pools, the more I felt I would drown.

Her eyes soften as she smiled at me, “You’re beautiful.”

“I should go.” I moved to leave. Her calm touch halted me as she laced her fingers with mine.

“Please, don’t. Keep playing,” She purred.

“I can’t with the way you touch me.”

“I can’t help, but want to touch as I hear you, smell you. If you stay, you consent to my touch as you must play for me, please.” She rubbed her face against the side of my hand and briefly I felt sparks as the tip of her tongue grazed my palm.

Again, I felt the foreign sensation as my skin heated up and my most private area twitched. The feelings she aroused were new to me. I watched as her long pressed tresses swept across my palm.

Obediently, but ever so slowly, I found my place on the piano.

For my effort, she rewarded me with a chuckle, as she kissed her way up from my breast and back to my neck. “So very gorgeous my queen.” She whispered.

I felt my wetness, I felt her, and I never felt so warm, so right. I wanted to stop my song but the moment I tried she pulled away and gently swatted my hand.

“If you want my touch you must perform. I want to hear your body sing as you play your endearing solo and for your finale, I want to devour your screams in ecstasy. Now play.”

I found my place in my piece and tried to concentrate on my music as her tongue licked, mouth sucked, and teeth nipped at the side of my neck. Her soft hands explored the slits of my gown and found their way to my breast.

I moaned, enjoying the pleasure of her soft meticulous caresses amplifying me ever higher. I felt a foreign wetness rising between my legs, as she unconstrained my breast from the prison of my gown and black bra. I trembled, feeling the quick breeze of cool air followed by the gentle flick of her tongue against my taut sensitive peak.

“Please.” I begged.

She arched an eyebrow and smiled. Arrogantly she stared at me and then she caught my nipple in her mouth, I closed my eyes and moaned feeling her strokes against my body hypnotically synchronizing with my melody on the piano.

We were one, making our own duet that featured an audience of only us two.

I clasped my legs shut as I felt the gentle but frank nips of her teeth against my nipple.

My lover, a nameless stranger, so in tune to me noticed my jerks and quickly gathered my gown pulling its length up to reveal my naked thighs.

Never missing a beat, she sucked and nipped my nipples, slipped her hands between my thighs, parted my lingerie, and found my harmony.

There was nothing timid in the demands of my lover. My moans increased and the music crescendo, she aggressively pounded with intentions to claim.

“Say you belong to me.” Her whispered demand in my ear tickled my sensitive lobes.

I moaned aloud.

“Say it.” She demanded clasping my nipple in her mouth.

“I’m yours.” I screamed, as her fingers pounded faster, and her tongue strummed my nipple.

Still serenading the piano, I rode her fingers knowing my song breaching climax, I dared not let it climax without me in tune.

Reading my intentions, she pushed her fingers up to the hilt and rubbed her palm over my aroused nub.

“I’m coming.” I panted at her inflictions.

“Come,” her simple command as her hazel eyes met mine.

Seeing the sincerity of her soul within those hazel cores, I obeyed my maestro and screamed as the final note of the piano resonated in the room with the electrifying release of my accompanied climax.

Grasping her tightly, I shivered as the effects of nine long years of abstinence collapsed and flooded down her hand.

She smiled and kissed my lips passionately. I eagerly responded meeting her passion.

Breaking our kiss, she licked my lips, “That was an astounding performance, my queen.”

Still clasping on to her I shivered as my body vibrated and hummed. “I’ve never felt this way before.”

“I have that kind of charm.” She arrogantly purred licking my desire from her hand. “You’re delicious.” She pulled me into her arms rubbing her face against my neck. Weak and sated from my release I did not argue, I snuggled close and relaxed.

Stroking my back she held me tightly, “I suppose introductions are necessary. Welcome to my home, I am Nalani Arnold.”

I pulled from her embrace, “No, you’re the Nalani Arnold? Then the woman who was escorted out, isn’t she your girlfriend?” Startled I met her amber eyes shimmering with an unabashed passion. I moved to stand, but she firmly clasped my hand.

“No. She was my ex before she was escorted out, my ex before I bought this house and planned this party, and my ex when I caught her cheating in my penthouse. I’ve been happily single for six months until now, hopefully.” Her soul brightened in her eyes as her unspoken intentions rang clear.

“She seemed livid.” I murmured looking away from her powerful eyes afraid I would succumb to any demand.

“Most gold-diggers bite when the honeypot runs dry. I’m not looking for groupies, pillow princesses, or one-night stands. I want a wife, and maybe a few cubs. What about you?” Softly Nalani grasped my chin forcing our eyes to meet as I strained to avoid.

I looked down avoiding the fire in her eyes, too intense, I was afraid to be burned. “Yes, I want children . . . and a husband.” I blurted out dodging her eyes as I straightened my gown.

“But you’re single, am I right?” She zipped my side zipper securing me in my dress.

“You are correct. But, I’m not a lesbian.” I challenged those amber fires.

“You keep saying that, but your actions are proving you are.”

“But I’m not.

Nalani chuckled, “We will see. What shall I call, my queen?”

“I’m no one’s queen, but my name is Angel Thompson.”

“Ms. Angel Thompson, very fitting.” Nalani kissed my eyebrow.

I yawned and stretched. My eyelids were heavy, but I fought sleep I still had a drive home.

“Let’s say we call it a night and retire to my bedroom.” Her soft lips smoothly whispered in my ear.

“Cute. I can’t we just met, and I’m not easy.” I said.

“And I just had my hands in the sweetest places on your delectable body, my Angel.” She nipped at my earlobe as her hands wandered down the slit of my dress. “I want to get to know you, stay the night, and let’s explore.” Nalani held me tighter as she stroked my thigh.

“You are still having a party and from last I heard you still haven’t made an appearance.”

“That would be typical of me. I’m known for throwing lavish parties and not attending, it comes with the fame. You have to have some kind of publicity stunt to captivate the masses.”

“Well regardless, it just won’t be right. I mean I’m not easy but appreciate the petting.”

“And I’m not either. Something about you makes me reckless.” Nalani kissed my lips. The fire stirred and as much as I wanted to extinguish those flames, I responded, needing to feel the softness of her lips and meet her demand. Why can’t I resist her advances?

“If you’re uncomfortable I promise to be a good woman and keep my hands to myself. Please, stay the night, have breakfast in the morning, lunch at noon, and dinner tomorrow night, all of which is my treat.”

I laughed, “How did we go from staying the night to having a date well into the evening. You’re a temptress Nalani.”

Nalani arrogantly smiled, “Than allow me to tempt you into becoming my woman. I know you’ll be happy.”

“Oh, you do.” I raised my eyebrow twirling her soft black hair around my fingers. Boldly I kissed her lips, “You must have a short memory, Ms. Arnold. I’m not a lesbian. I want a husband not a wife.”

“I could be better than a husband.” She flirted capturing my lips in a kiss. My body sizzled as her soft plump lips met mine and I felt desire. In the time I met Nalani Arnold my body felt all kinds of strange feelings and part of me wanted to uncover more, but I needed to get home and review the portfolio Tiffany had created.

“Maybe,” I moaned stepping away to smooth my dress down.

“Stay the night and let things progress. Don’t fight me.” She caught my hand, kissed my knuckles sending electrical charges up my spine.

I hesitated. I felt slickness between my legs as my nipples hardened.

“Let’s explore.” She whispered pulling me into her arms, I met those hazel embers charged with desire and was undone.

“If you’re apprehensive call Tiffany and anyone else, let them know you’re staying the night with me.” She smiled stroking the middle of my back.

I moaned and rubbed my head against her neck. “Fine, you win.”

“I always do, my queen.” She captured my lips.

I shot Tiffany a text to let her know of my change in plans, she responded with a simple, can’t wait to hear the details! Have Fun ^_^.

“Satisfied?” I asked.

“For now.” Nalani kissed me passionately as her soft hands roamed down my backside.

“I thought you were going to be good.” I tsked.

“Can’t control my instincts, your lips tease and beg me to steal a taste. Come to my bed chamber.” Straightening my gown, she took off her suit jacket and placed it around my shoulders.

Nalani offered her arm to guide me. “Such a gentlewoman.”

“I try to be.” She smiled.

Our arms entwined, Nalani escorted me back through the garden, up a flight of staircases until we reached her luxurious master bedroom on the fourth floor. Mega sized black doors opened to reveal a beautifully decorated golden room. A tiger fur patterned plush rug ran from the door to the fireplace where a black love seat with tiger paws and a crystal coffee table was arranged.

Nalani cupped my hand, and I followed her to a colossal king sized bed, throne on a red oak canopy bedpost with thick crimson curtains tied beautifully at each of the four oak posts. As I sat down my body hummed as the mattress molded around my bottom.

Removing her blouse, she stood before me with a black bra that cupped her full breast.

“Care to take a bath with me?” She asked.

“I thought we were going to be good.”

“I will be. Thought you might like a nice massage in a hot bath before we fall asleep entangled in each other’s arms.”

I mumbled a curse to my body as I felt heat rising from my core. I was getting myself into trouble, but a part of me didn’t care. I wanted to be risky and take a chance with Ms. Nalani Arnold. Deep down I wanted her.

I sucked in my breath as she removed her gaucho pants revealing a black thong snug between her solid round bottom. A small black tiger claw print was tatted on her left butt cheek.

“You must really like tigers.” I commented tracing the print with my fingertips.

“More than you know.” She chuckled, bending over to step out of her pants giving me a full view of her toned derrière.

My stomach knotted as I ached for her. Nalani was exquisite, for every curve on her delectable body was met with muscle, and yet she still possessed her feminine charm. Even the few tattoos and scars scattered over her body added depth to the story of Nalani. Her confidence was arousing as she winked at me, “You’re enjoying what you see. I appreciate the longing in those big brown eyes.”

“You’re stunning. Any man would kill to have you.”

She chuckled, “And I wouldn’t want any of them.”

“When did you realize you preferred women?”

Tugging lightly, she pulled me from the bed and spun me around. She kissed the back of my neck. I shivered as I felt her warm hands glide down my back slowly exploring my body. Finding my gold zipper, she meticulously unzipped me. Kissing, nipping and sucking the side of my neck, Nalani let my gown slide to the floor.

“Age 12,” Nalani whispered. “I had a thing for a girl who lived next door. We attended the same school and spent our childhood together. Her parents caught us kissing in her room. I recall it was the first time I was exposed to the word, dike, after her father slapped me, and forbade me from coming near his household. A year later they moved away.” Nalani kissed my shoulder.

I whimpered, “Have you ever laid with a guy?”

“No, men weren’t what I desired.” Nalani spun me around to face her. Our clothed breast met, Nalani soft arms wrapped around my back as she reached around to unlace my bra.

I hesitated but followed suit and unhooked her black bra.

As our bras fell to the floor, our tight nipples kissed for the first time. As our hardened peaks pecked, small sparks tingled through our nipples. A lenient sigh escaped our lips as we took in each other’s touch. Her soft hands wandered down the small of my back teasing me. I mirrored her movements and traced the curves of her tone body. In our sweet embrace I realized I wanted this woman who made my body sing, who made me feel desire and desired. I kissed her lips forcing our nipples to flick against each other.

Nalani kissed down my neck making small fires, she inhaled, “Your scent is intoxicating, my own personal high,” she stroked the middle of my back.

My face warmed, “Thank you, it’s my perfume I’m sure,” I nervously gushed. “So, you never desired to be with a man?” I asked, feeling uncomfortable at how relaxed I felt embracing Nalani.

“Not at all. When I was in high school one of the class clowns decided that no girl should resist his charm and forced a kiss on me. Needless to say, he ended up with a black eye after the ordeal. Some conceited men think they can turn a lesbian back straight. I’m not the one, I’m attracted to women, and I know one day she’ll be my wife.”

The room fell silent as our eyes met. The light of Nalani’s soul danced in hazel flares. She smirked and kissed my lips. Shivering, I melted as her silky lips dominated mine.

Our breast slipped from their kiss as she stepped away. I felt chilled at the loss of her warmth. My cheeks burned as I shamelessly admired the naked beauty before me. Her nipples were puckered blackberries ringed in a sea of smooth brown sand. Her waist small bared a tight muscular core with hips curving to support her firm bottom. Her strong thighs slightly bulged with a hint of muscle. My eyes traveled down to her vagina covered with slight black curls crowning her glory. She was stunning and for a moment I fought to breathe and gasped as I sucked in air.

“You want me,” she smiled, “I know I want you,” I shivered as her hazel eyes wandered over my nakedness. I wrapped my arms around myself feeling self conscious under her scrutiny.

Nalani chuckled, “Don’t ever shield your body from me, you’re gorgeous.” Clasping my wrist, she opened my arms freeing my breast.

Nalani bent down to sample my nipple sucking until I didn’t think it was possible for them to get any harder. I lost my balance and slumped against her, she chuckled still sucking my nipple and sending vibrations through my body. Placing a final kiss, she stepped away and laced her fingers with mine.

“You’re beautiful Nalani.” I stammered.

“I know, but do you know how spellbinding you are, my queen.” She kissed the back of my hand.

Eager to return the favor, I ran my index finger against her velvety nipple. I smiled hearing her whine. My tongue was hit with a jolt of sweetness as I licked her other nipple, but before I could enjoy the sweet flavor, Nalani swung me around, kissed my neck and cupped my breast. I smiled feeling her puckered nipples poking against my bare back.

“Did you come the first time you laid with a woman?” I nervously asked.

Nalani chuckled the tremor against my ear ran straight to my already wet core. Softly I groaned and clasped her hands against my breast.

“Yes, several times in fact. Why do you ask?”

“Just curious.”

My heart sank hearing that Nalani was experienced and I had nothing to compare my sex life to other than Brandon.

“Did you come the first time you laid with a woman?” Nalani asked nipping my ear.

“I haven’t officially laid with her, but she did just grace me with my very first orgasm twenty minutes ago.”

She spun me to face her, “Wait, what? Really? You never came with a guy. You’re not still a virgin, are you?” Shock lit up her eyes as she stared at me.

Our tight nipples embracing distracted me. Our gazes connected.

“No, but you are the first person to make me cum.” I earnestly said.

“That’s deep and a little disheartening. Did your partners not ensure your satisfaction? You’re going to have to explain, Angel. I clearly don’t understand.”

“Another day. It’s too personal.”

“Angel, moments ago I fingered loved you, stripped you bare, and now we stand naked embracing. There is nothing more intimate. Talk to me. We keep no secrets.” Nalani cupped and stroked my cheek. “Don’t hide from me, Angel.”

At first, I wasn’t going to tell her, but as those bright hazel eyes pleaded for my trust, I witness the sincerity of her soul and I found myself needing to tell her.

“I’ve never managed to cum with my ex. Hell, I was barely able to stay wet.”

A slow smile lit her warm hazel eyes, Nalani chuckled, and then burst out in laughter. Feeling unsure of her intentions and feeling a little ashamed, I stepped away. Nalani caught my wrist and pulled me back into her arms.

Sobering she stroked my cheek, “I’m sorry, Angel. I’m laughing because you had no problem getting wet nor showering your satisfaction.”

Holding my hand, she led me into the bathroom. Her bathroom was a merge of black and gold. With the sink, Jetstream bathtub and shower all black enameled with gold facets. An oversized rug stitched with a portrait of a tiger crouching in a meadow covered her black tiled floor.

Nalani pushed a few buttons on a thermostat looking device and bathtub’s faucet turned on and the overhead showerhead in the corner of the bathroom began raining down.

“You’re different.” I whispered. Self-consciously I wrapped my arms around my body.

“How so?” Nalani rummaged through a wicker basket, she dropped two star shaped rose scented bath salts into the tub, scattered some rose petals and poured lavender smelling oil. The water changed to a pale pink and fizzled as the bath salts dissolved.

“Well for one you’re a woman, and two I’ve never allowed anyone to touch me so intimately without first knowing their name.”

Nalani laughed, “You have a point. But I still don’t get it. Why weren’t you satisfied with your men?”

“It just felt like he was rutting in me, it wasn’t pleasurable.” I sat on the edge of the tub.

“So, you just slept with men who you didn’t like?” Taking shower caps from the wicker basket she tucked my curls away and proceeded to do the same for herself.

“No, of course not.” I objected.

“How many men were there?” Nalani asked guiding me into the shower while the bathtub continued to fill. I was overwhelmed by the black marble design as I entered into the shower as Nalani held open the glass door.

I stepped into the waterfall and moaned as warm water cascaded down my breast. Nalani stood behind me tracing the water down my body with a lavender soaped washcloth.

“There has only been one. We dated for three years in college.”

“And you never felt passion with him like you do with me?” She whispered in my ear. I arched back against her chest as I felt her stimulating traces snaking down my neck towards my breast.

“Please,” I blurted out, my senses overwhelmed by her caresses.

“Answer me, Angel.”

“Never, Nalani.” Twirling me around to face her she handed me another washcloth. I washed her front as she washed my back. I circled her areolas and cupped her overflowing breast.

Tracing the cloth down the six ridges of her muscular stomach until I washed Nalani thoroughly studying every curvature.

Soft growls escaped from her full lips. Empowered by hearing her pleasure, I explored down her legs, bending to massaged her core like she had mine. Looking up at her magnificent body covered in trails of soap and water, I saw her puckered nub, peeking between caramel lips. I licked my lips wondering how it would taste as I suckled her. Would it grow larger as blood rushed to her arousal?

Cupping her finger beneath my chin, she guided me to stand before her. I moaned protesting my disturbance from ogling her center. She kissed my lips as if in apology and whispered in my ear, “Three years is a long time, love, how long ago since you’ve dated?”

“It’s been nine years.”

Lifting my leg, Nalani pulled me against her, our mounds a hair’s breadth away from a kiss as she washed my thigh, ankle, foot and toes. “My satiny, alluring, and in denial, queen. There is much to uncover.”

Whimpering at her deliberately slow strokes, I struggled to formulate my thoughts, “What ever do you mean, Nalani?”

“Nine years, and you haven’t dated or been with anyone since?” Nalani asked, releasing my washed leg and continuing to do my other. Again, her mound so near to mine, I groaned, feeling her soft strokes next to my burning core, as she washed my inner thigh, but stubbornly refused to extinguish our simmering fires.

I pouted, “Please, Nalani.”

Chuckling, those delightful hazel eyes sparkled with mischief, “Soon, I promise, but not before you tell me.”

“No, for nine years I’ve been with no one, not until today.”

Nalani fell silent and looked at me.

“Do you still love him?”

“No,” I responded. “There are many years past us and a wedge of betrayal.”

“Then why have you been single all these years? Were you that distraught by his betrayal?” Nalani asked finished washing me she wrapped her arms around my waist. I looked away not wanting to see those hazel spells as she studied my reactions.

I had no feelings for Brandon, truly I was traumatized that I would never be pleased with anyone, that was all before I met Nalani. As we embraced everything confused me.

“I was, but not because I was in love with him. He said things that just hurt more than our actual breakup. If you’re wondering, he wasn’t the reason for my abstinence.”

Lacing our fingers, she steered me from the shower to the bathtub. The showerhead turned off and I assumed the bathtub shut off automatically once it was filled.

“You’re a woman with talent, gorgeous, with a good head on your shoulders. You could own Atlanta and any man you wanted. Why would you choose to hold back your sexuality for all those years?” Her eyes studied me.

“Thanks, but I think you’re impressive too, and your resume alone proves you own the ATL shorty.” I laughed awkwardly, wanting to change the subject.

“I appreciate the compliment. But it doesn’t explain why you haven’t been with anyone in nine years.” Nalani firmly said her steady gazed probed me.

I was under interrogation and rightfully so. Not many people admitted to abstaining from sex.

“Let’s just say, I needed time to work on me.”

“Work on what?”

“Well, I spent most of my time studying music and cultures while touring around the world. I acquired enough money to live comfortably and now I’m focusing on investing in my club here in Atlanta.”

“And in that time, you never met anyone that you wanted to be with.”

“No, I just became intimate with my music.”

“Impressive. While you were accomplishing yourself you never dated, desired, or loved anyone?”

“No, I made a promise to myself to wait until I found the right man. Enough, about me, what about you? I hear you have quite the reputation with women, Ms. Arnold.”

Nalani gushed and ran her hand down her neck. “That I do, you caught me. What can I say, ladies love me, and I am a proud lesbian. When I’m bounded, I don’t stray from my mate.”

“I see, so than I can assume this is just another one of your many advances.”

Slowly, I strode into the tub giving Nalani a full view of my bottom as I bent over arrogantly knowing she was watching.

Her needy groan made me smirk. I knew she wanted me, and I wanted to explore what was happening even if it didn’t lead to anything solid, I needed this, no I needed Nalani.

Nalani treaded in the bathwater. I sucked in my breath as she was stunning in her nudity. Seating beside me, I caught a whiff of her amber scent. I never thought I could want a woman like I wanted Nalani Arnold, if only just for tonight.

“What makes you think I’m not being sincere with you?” Nalani asked cupping my chin.

“Your ex was dragged out of your house not too long ago.”

“Correct my ex, therefore I’m single.” She pulled me between her legs and massaged the middle of my back. The smell of lavender and rose prevailing over my nostrils relaxing me further into her arms.

“Then what is your goal with me? Is it just to get inside my panties?”

“No, my intention is to claim you, if you let me.” Nalani kissed my shoulder.

“Really, your ex might not like that.”

“She and anyone else who might not like us can kick rocks, but this is happening if you want it.”

“You’re so confident.” I laughed.

“Yes, I am, and you’re in denial,” she kissed my neck, “I think you’ve always known what you really desired.” Nalani challenged gently pulling my head back to steal a kiss.

I sucked her tongue as she fought to conquer my mouth. Nalani maneuvered her hand down my bottom while stroking my nub.

“What do you mean?” I exhaled while rubbing against her hand.

Softly strumming, she softly asked, “How do you feel about your past relationship and your lack of one today?”

“I am content, as I’m working on my professional goals.”

Nalani played an indolent rhythm against my arousal. Wanting to ignore her question, I tried to hasten her speed, grinding hungrily against her as my need grew, and I demanded my release.

The loss of warmth from her hand as she shifted away was painfully noticeable like a prick of a finger.

“You are a lesbian.” She groaned in my ear. “And you are mine.”

“I am not.” I challenged.

Nalani countered, by thrusting two fingers into my core while nipping the side of my neck.

Slouching back against her, I whimpered, feeling the combined sensations of her warm nipples pressing against my back, and her fingers penetrating me. I excitedly rode her fingers, eager to feel that release I felt while tickling the keys of her piano. Tender full lips taunted the sides of my neck as masterful fingers strung my clit and core. My body tensely tightened in anticipation of my climax breaching.

“Relax and allow yourself to feel.” She cooed in my ear, and I loosened up under her soft urging. She rewarded my obeyance, stroking my nub with her other hand as she loved me with three fingers, ascending me over my peak.

“I’m coming.” I cried out pushing my body back against Nalani as I rode through my breaking point. Nalani surpassed my strides quickening her loving as she demanded my body’s release like a guitarist serenading her guitar.

I shivered against her as fulfillment weakened my balance. Nalani bit and sucked on my neck. I screamed, coming a second time.

Her arrogant chuckle vibrated in my ear. “You have some things to think about, Ms. Thompson.” She whispered, kissing my ear.

“What just happened proves nothing.”

Nalani didn’t say anything but held me tightly. I clung to her as my body hummed. Her satin lips captured mine as I fought with my emotions. Nalani’s words might have been right, I needed time to digest things. I needed to know more about Nalani Arnold.

Jonet’s irate screams haunted me. I wondered whether being with Nalani would make me crazy in love. Would I too, be dragged from her home, dealing with a broken heart and unable to get over her? I didn’t know, but one thing I was sure of, I was going to explore my sexuality with Nalani.

After Nalani massaged and explored every inch of my body, she toweled dried me and then lathered my body with lavender scented lotion. Her fingers lingered around my clitoris until it was standing at attention and my folds moisten with a heady need. Just when I thought she was merely teasing me, she carried me to her bed with her sweet demanding fingers pounding me.

I found myself happily drowning in Nalani. The woman was a demanding lover. In one night, I had climaxed several times from her considerate loving. As I slumped against Nalani, tucked beneath her sheets, our breasts entwined and our mounds in a shy kiss, I met those enchanting eyes, and wondered how many secrets she held. I wished I could spend more time uncovering the mystery of Nalani.

Nalani had proven to me that my sexuality had to only be awakened by the right lover’s touch.


Angel was everything I had envisioned, and yet the fact that she was my mate unsettled me. My mate was not only human, but a closeted lesbian in denial. Still, I wanted to claim her, but how long would it take for her to realize who and what she truly wanted. Angel’s dark brown eyes vigorously sparkled with an honesty I hadn’t seen since my mother was alive. Angel, a passionate woman, best expressed in her music and her sexuality. Even if she did not realize it herself.

Her enchanting sleeping form languidly tucked in my arms felt normal, almost as if we had spent years together, intimately sleeping and waking next to one another. Who would have known she’d come scaling into my life.


Trina James, my lifetime best friend, was calling. Kissing Angel’s forehead, I left my bedroom and went to my adjoined study to answer the phone.

“What’s up Tre!” I answered.

“Yo, Nalani your ex almost knocked my ass out, I thought you wrapped things up with that leech.”

“Yeah, I thought I did too. Why did the guards let her in?”

“That I don’t know, but you know how stalkers be, strong, determined and insane. You’ve had a few.” Tre laughed.

“True. What do you have planned?”

“Nothing, ‘bout to grab some brunch with my new lady. I met another tiger shifter last night, her name is Kelly Hinton and she’s fire. I’m talking curves with an ass just poppin’ and a beautiful smile that just stops my world.”

I laughed at Tre, the woman was always falling in and out of love. Tre was desperate to settle down. I couldn’t blame her, I knew all too well the river of loneliness, and even with my many affairs, I treaded through those waters. I hoped Angel was my salvation but felt uncertain at the barriers between us.

“Well, I’m glad I wasn’t the only one who had fun last night. Tucker managed the clean-up, what a responsible man he’s turning into.”

“He should have, I pay him to do, he needs the responsibility.” I knew my younger cousin had taken care of the crowd and aftermath of my party and was probably in the basement smoking weed for breakfast. I couldn’t complain as he always completed his task diligently, with lip service of course.

“Word. As usual you didn’t show up. With whom did you run off with?”

“I christened my bedroom with my lady Angel, she’s recovering from our loving as we speak. Angel is my mate.” As I admitted it to Tre, I felt torn between the joy of finding her and the fear of losing her. How could I reveal that I was a tiger shifter, hope that she accepted that she was a lesbian, and convince her to be with me. It seemed too difficult to end as a fairytale.

“Yo, is she a tiger shifter? From what tribe? I’m happy for you. Sometime later we should link up for a double date. I think Kelly would like that.”

“Would love too, but it might be a hot minute. Angel is human and a closet-case. She’s not ready to admit she’s a lesbian.”

“Nalani, we don’t date straight girls and closet-cases, we screw bisexuals, but never date. What the hell?”

“I know, but what can I do we’re fated. Angel is my mate.”

“It sounds doomed, but you succeed in the impossible. What are you going to do? She’s probably got a few dudes sniffing around on the side. Are you sure Nalani?”

“I’m positive, her scent drives me wild, there is a halo of gold surrounding her whenever I look at her, and when we touch our heartbeats synchronize. Angel is my mate.”

“If anyone would know their mate it’s you, the Queen of our tribe. I got your back no matter what. We should shoot to meet for drinks tonight.”

“We’ll see how things go with Angel. Just come here and we will play a few rounds of pool. I might need your ear.”

“For sure. Anyways, congratulations, Nalani.”

“Hold your praises until I’ve mated her. What’s your plans for today?”

Tre laughed. “I’m about to knock Kelly’s boots around, you know!”

“Whatever, take care. Peace.”

“Peace out, Nalani.”

After hanging up with Tre, I went back to my bedroom. Angel was peaceful in her rest, snuggled close to my pillow with a slight smile on her beautiful face, a real angel for sure.

I just prayed I could convince her to be true to herself. I get this vibe that Angel spent most of her time hiding what she really wants. There was something about her that made me feel like she was distant and guarding her true emotions.

I climbed into bed. Angel moaned in her sleep and turned over to rest her head against my chest. When she cooed and snuggled against my breast like I was her everything, I couldn’t help but want to kiss those full plump lips. Angel, simply put, was kissable, delectable and damnable, my nose was wide open for her, and it was only day one. Shit I’m scared.

Nuzzling her cheek with my nose I planted a tender kiss. Capturing her lips. I felt her whimper quiver against me. Angel shied away refusing to awaken.

Smirking, I decided to find another way to wake my Angel. I kissed her lips and flicked her clit to stand at attention. I smiled when she wrapped her arms around me and pulled me closer.

Despite her denial of being a lesbian, she crushed her core against mine gyrating her hips as she applied pressure.

“What are you doing, Angel?”

“Nothing you don’t want.”

I moaned when I felt her hands reach between us to play with my arousal.

“Angel, I’m supposed to be the one pleasing you.” I whispered.

“You have pleased me and the very first person to unlock my appetite. Can’t a lady return the favor, Ms. Arnold,” she sultrily said rolling us over to straddle me.

I groaned, “You don’t have to Angel, as long as you’re taken care of, I’m good.” My words didn’t heed her, as she rubbed against me seductively stroking my clit with her pink and white manicured fingers.

“I want to,” Angel whispered capturing my lips in a tender kiss.

Sliding down my body Angel kneeled between my thighs. She watched me with a studious look upon her face it was obvious she was trying to decide on how to please me. I held back my chuckle, I didn’t want to disturb her or make her uncomfortable. Whatever Angel decided I would be pleased by it.

She kissed my inner thigh and looked at me. Those wide, dark brown eyes full of curiosity and uncertainty warmed my heart.

Our eyes locked. Angel thumbed my clit gracefully rubbing counterclockwise.

I shuddered but kept my eyes locked with hers.

Her pace accelerated and my breath became shallow but still our eyes locked.

I felt my climax building but dared not look away even as my eyelids drooped.

Through hooded eyes I saw Angel gain confidence, she rubbed my clit between her thumb and index finger keeping her speed, but now eager as ever to elicit my release.

A moan escaped my lips.

My climax releasing, our gazes broke as I arched my back allowing my essence to flow.

Angel’s gaze burned deep in my soul as she watched me. “Did I satisfy you?” she enthusiastically asked.

“That you did. My turn.” I laughed pushing her back against the bed.

Angel giggled, “You promised me breakfast.”

“And breakfast, I shall have.” I chuckled.


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